St. Henry's Day Program, 11th July 2010

The program layout of St. Henry's day activities at SHACK, as submitted by Bro. Francis Brian - Headteacher, can be downloaded at the Shack yahoo group page. You need to be a member of the group to download anything. For anyone attending the event, key moments are listed here:

Arrival: 09.00 (Please do not arrive earlier than this, no mbokya for OBs!!)
Mass: 10.00 (Be there to thank God in our nice chapel, Mass will end fast don't worry!)
Speeches: 12.00 (you want to get your kid into SHACK, don't miss this!!)
Interaction & food: 13.30 (networking, dating, kubonga, encereal, mubbe.... this is the moment!)
Entertainment: 15.00 (students sing, OBs play kikame, bakko, TT... etc)

Missing & need to be fixed on the program:
  • OBs Vs Students match - this soccer match has always been the highlight of every St. Henry's day celebration.
  • OBs play kikame, TT, bakko, tennis, volley...
  • visitation for the young lads...
Oooh it is a long time.. i do not remember what else needs to be on the program. As long as it is a fun, just fix it there. Hopefully, we will have the time for it all.

See you sunday!

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