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Finding free online open learning resources can be quite a task! What most students do not know is that there is a huge amount of free materials (books, videos, coursework, lecture notes...) all available FREE online.

Send Free SMS using GMail to Mobile Phones

GMail free SMS to mobile phone
You have always wondered on how to send out numerous free SMS to family and friends telling them about an upcoming wedding meeting, last funeral rites or the next family gathering? Wonder no more! Google has made sending free SMS to mobile phones in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania free using Gmail.

All you need is a Gmail address and the telephone number of the person you would like to send SMS to. That is all it takes!

How do you do this?? Well, here is a very comprehensive article with screen-shots that shows you how to do this. Click here to find out how to use Gmail to send a free SMS to a mobile phone number in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania.

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