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St. Henry's Day Program, 11th July 2010

The program layout of St. Henry's day activities at SHACK, as submitted by Bro. Francis Brian - Headteacher, can be downloaded at the Shack yahoo group page. You need to be a member of the group to download anything. For anyone attending the event, key moments are listed here:

11th July 2010 is St. Henry's Day @SHACK

St. Henry's day is a very big day at St. Henry's College, Kitovu (SHACK). Everyone who goes through this great college, undergoes a "pavlov kind of training" that excites the taste-bugs. While at the college, this means eating lots of special food (rice, matooke, meat, chicken, vegs...)

For the Alumni, it is about that time to return to the great college for:

1. Networking - this is key. Reconnecting with friends & making new ones.
2. Contributing to fundraising efforts to improve the great college
3. Career guidance - Inspire & encourage the young Kitovu boys
4. Shack Games - playing Kikame (soccer), handball, basketball, volley, TT etc
5. A visit to Nyendo & Bujja - always a great place for lots of great food, waragi, fun... etc

photo from
Therefore, do not miss this Sunday 11th July, 2010 to travel with the whole group to SHACK & celebrate St. Henry's day.

For OBs in Kampala:
Meeting point: Pope Paul Memorial Centre - Kabuusu
Time: 7.00 am
Journey starts: 7.30am
Transport fee: UGX. 20,000/= (incl. return)

Call Walugembe David to book your seat: +256 712 311789.

See you at the great college on the 11th July. We hope to enjoy the finals of the 2010 FIFA World cup in SA on big screen together.

Ooh those slangs we used @shule!

Please feel free to add to the following list of the words that we used alot while @SHACK

1. Encereal (rice)
2. Kikame (after class soccer game)
3. Embokya (morning porridge)
4. Parado (cubicle with double decker & locker)
5. Olukafe (coffee)
6. Omube (plate)
7. Obu-cooks (bakulula girls)

list goes on.. go on & add what slang you remember


SHACK Re-union Party @Livingstone Hall, MUK

Saturday 5th was a great day! It was the St. Henry's College Kitovu, bull roasting reunion party that was held in the spacious Livingstone hall, MUK campus grounds.

Arrival was 2pm. I have to confess that I can in 2 hours later, 4pm but still a sizeable crowd of OBs was all over the place already chatting, laughing and networking with each other. Most had not seen or met each other since the college days!

To pick a quote behind the David Walugembe who was over-seeing the organization of the Alumni:

Why should you miss a free event where you only have to show up at Livingstone Hall, Makerere, have muchomo, share jokes including "eminazi" and drink one for maama joe, another for mubazzi and may be the last one for the greencave!!

By the way your biggest assets in life are none other than your contacts!! Imagine how flat life becomes when you are in need of a service and the service provider is someone who is known to you courtesy of being a Kitovian??? Okitegera???

In a nutshell, that was what the event was all about and that is exactly what happened!

Drinks of all sizes & colour - waragi, belos and sodas for the still nappy-sucking OBs were also in the house. We had a new-comer "spear" taking shots of whoever appeared to please him which he later sold off for a couple of bucks. I will put up shots of any of the events when they finally come out.

We had a number of updates from the people behind the Centenary projects fund-raising and from Bro. Headmaster about the state of our great college.

Here is what is coming up:
St. Henry's Day Celebrations are slated for Sunday 11th July 2010. (Spare that date for yet another re-union this time in Masaka).


A SHACK centenary fund-raising charity walk is coming up soon stay tuned for details. Continue pledging and fulfilling your pledges please.

Contributing to SHACK Development projects

To successfully contribute towards the SHACK Centenary Projects, issue a bank order of say 30,000/= 50,000/= or 100,000/= every month and by the time you realise, this small contribution will have accumulated into a substantial amount over time!

Alternatively, here is the SHACK bank information to send your contribution:

Account No. 3010610015

Hoping to meet again at the next reunion next month! Keep the SHACK flaming burning by contributing to making the great mother college greater!

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