St. Henry's College Kitovu Day Celebrations - 13th July 2008

This is an account of events at the just concluded St. Henry's College Kitovu - Masaka as reported by Lino Owor Ogora

To start at the very beginning;

Following mobilization that took place mainly on the internet, all the Alumni who had confirmed or not confirmed their willingness to travel together to the college gathered at Pope Paul Memorial on the morning of the D day. Scheduled time for departure was 7:00 am, but as usual we ended up departing at about 8:15 African time. I hope we can improve this next time. Rumour has it that the on the previous evening several Kitovians had attended a Kasiki of a colleague (i forget his name) and therefore many were still nursing hungovers and could not make it.

As we waited for the other members to gather, a very enterprising Walugembe William took the opportunity to "kusubuza" Alumni Polo T - Shirts (now I advise any of you out there who have not got these T - Shirts to get them coz they are worth the money. They go for only 25K) while an equally enterprising Owen also took the opportunity to "Kubanja" whoever had not paid the fare yet. Other OBs and OGs took the opportunity greet each other and catch up after years of not seeing each other. Many people expressed disappointment with the low turn up of OGs though.

Finally we set when we felt we had waited long enough. But trust the ever sharp and die hard Kitovians never to give, which led to us having to park at a Petrol station to wait for two Kitovians who chased after us on Bodabodas as though their lives depended on it. The wait was worth it because they eventually added to the number of OGs which as I mentioned above was already dismal.

We then set off for Masaka, and I tell you the journey down there was one of the most interesting and memorable parts of the whole episode. That is when I realized that the spirit of "Solida" has never waned. throughout the journey we were entertained by the likes of Owen, Leo Kivumbi, Walugembe, etc etc and we never once dozed. OBs took time to talk briefly about what their professions were and to hand around business cards. But trust abatovu to abandon listening when we reached Lukaya and rush for the windows to stock up on "gonja" and "kikoko". A poor Owen was abandoned in the middle of a speech and the last I heard he was pleading "... banage muwulilize...."

From Lukaya we travelled on but excitement mounted when we were making the final acsent to the college. It was just exciting to see the great gates of SHACK, and the three statues of schoolboys beckoning to us, then finally the lush green grasses of the football pitches we all know so well. Guess the first person we saw on the chapel steps!! It was Brother Luwaga. Many guys recalled how he used to wake us up for mass. Then we saw Mr. Lwanga Kasozi who used to boast that his wife was "the dictionary" of Kitovu. Other people who came to welcome us included Mr. Obina aka Obinex - great physician. Well after the excitement had died down we joined in the mass which was already more than halfway (naye batovu are good bomalists when it comes to mass).

When the mass came to an end, there were the usual speeches from a number of persons whom I shall not mention here - you all know how interesting speeches are and how they keep you awake and alert. The next interesting stage of our visit was a meeting of all old boys in the Library extension. There was self introduction on an individual basis by the over 200 OBs present. Trust me there were guys who received standing ovations 'coz of the period in which they were at SHACK. There were guys who had been there as early as 1939. You all recall Mr. Kibirige Herman - he is now the deputy University secretary for Mutesa Royal University in Masaka - he also received a standing ovation.

The issues agreed upon in this meeting were of critical importance and this is where I urge all OBs to join hands. The major issue was the centenary celebrations which will take place in 2022. All Old boys have an obligation to bring on board the various Alumni who number over 7000.

After the meeting we went in for "Kimere" in the old DH. There was "ensilio" matoke, meat, name it all. We had time to interact some more and meet techers who taught us. Finally, we all marched to the fields to have game against the school football team.

In a nutshell we were "WALLOPED" by those boys in almost everything that took place. They made an easy work of the "KiKame" which they played as though they were in a training session in soccer. Nobody actually remembers the scoreline but I will leave the footballers who played to comment here and tell us the truth of what went on. I hear the goals against us were in double figures. In basketball we were also beaten although trust me it was not as bad as the soccer. The scoreline was 78 - 68 when I last saw the score board. Perhaps this was thanx to the presence two Sprite 2001 finalists - Frederick Alga and Myself and other very fit young men under the coachship of Kibuuka Vianey. Am not sure what transpired in handball.

Well the above is just a lesson that next time we need to go out there in full force and hammer these boys.

Comments are welcome.

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  1. Hi John,

    I had no doubt that this idea was a great one from the time you mentioned it. It also helps to prevent our mail boxes from being clogged up. I encourage all Kitovians to use this blogg.


  2. Hi Lino,
    i cant beelieve i missed out on the fun, are organising again this year?

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  5. Mwe me i was there since 2001,i have been missing all these episodes,going back to a former school can be great fun.
    However Brother Luwaga is gone now(RIP)
    Kibanyi Aiden

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  7. big ups kitovu u shaped us into men

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  9. Truly st Henry is the best of all school.i didn't know that by then.i now confess


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